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Taz Murray, of Kencraft Inc. talks to the Coalition for Sugar Reform at the National Confectioners Association about sugar reform in the United States.

Taz Murray had this to say about sugar reform

I’m Taz Murray, of Kencraft candy located in Utah. We employ about 80 people at Kencraft. We make hand decorated confections at Kencraft.

We rely on a great labor force and enjoy doing business in Utah and we love doing business in the US.

The Sugar Policy impacts us pretty directly because with labor intensive products like this, we run into a lot of foreign competition from places like China and Mexico.
Sugar Reform |
We’re at a disadvantage in our labor rates to begin with. With sugar that’s a double whammy, complicated by the fact that we cannot export to places like Europe because of the duties that we face going to Europe, but European products can come in to the US.

So sugar is a direct impact to us as we pay 3 times as much for sugar in Utah as we could in Mexico. It create extremely unfair competition.

The unfair competition we face in the sugar industry needs to stop. We need sugar reform now. The intrusion of foreign competition into our lives makes our lives more difficult. We need to reform the sugar program.

What are your thoughts about sugar reform in the United States? Keep in mind that the candy products made at Kencraft Inc. are 100% USA made. We believe in our people, our process and our product.
For more information, this is the history of the Sugar Program in the US:


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