Make Ninja Lollipal Karate Belt Icing

One of the pleasures of our candy business is incorporating ideas into other products. So a suggestion came to us by my nephew’s Karate instructor. He purchased a number of Ninja Lollipals to give away during belt graduation, but wanted to make them more personal by adding the color of the belt upgrade each student was to receive. So was born the idea for Ninja Lollipal Karate belt icing!

What a great idea! Made even better now that Kencraft is selling a new line or royal icing packages.
ninja lollipals icing
Adding this simple touch to the Ninja Lollipals really makes them stand out and of course, makes them more personable to the student receiving one.

How To Make Graduation Belts for Ninja Lollipals

Using (KENCRAFT ROYAL ICING PRODUCT NAME AND SKU HERE), we simply do a cross sweep of icing across the lower portion of the lollipal. Starting from left you sweep the icing down to the center. Now starting from the right, sweep into the center to join the other belt half. Done!

We hope you can use this tip to help create more ideas on how to use the Kencraft product line to help your customers make a memorable event even more sweet.

The new Kencraft Royal Icing line is priced right and ready for your store.

Don’t forget, we also provide disposable display cases for Lollipals which may make it easier for a customer to handle large numbers of lollipals when handing out, Disposable Lollipal case hold 24 pops and at only $1 make a great terrific stand.


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